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Winchester Native, bringing fitness to eveyone, everywhere | News – Winchester News Gazette

    Do you want to improve your health in 90 days but don’t have time to go to the gym? Don’t worry!

    Indianapolis transplant and Winchester Native, Mark Morgan, is launching a new and innovative way to get healthy in the year of 2019.

    For the last six years, Morgan has been the owner and lead trainer of F3/ Fit, Flex and Fly, a fitness studio focusing on improving and maintaining good health through personal training or in a fitness class setting.

    For over 20 years, Morgan has been a personal trainer and fitness instructor in the Indianapolis area to clients of all ages and fitness levels.

    From training the average Joe to highly athletic players for professional sports, F3 has played host to thousands of citizens wanting to find a creative way to exercise and improve their health without the run of the mill routine.

    Morgan states, “We’ve impacted lots of lives and feel lucky to have witnessed hundreds of transformations… not only were bodies changed, but more importantly mindsets were changed!”

    Entering the gym on 86th street is a refreshing experience as you don’t walk into your typical ‘gym’ with all the heavy equipment and big machinery but less intimidating exercise equipment that allows for those of all fitness levels to participate with each other on their own level.

    Challenging, rewarding, instructional, individualized, and variety are a few words that are tagged to the programs offered by Morgan and F3.

    Personalized workouts are geared to the individual giving focus to their goals of what they would like to achieve while the class training allows for a fast paced way to incorporate interaction with others while performing many different tasks.

    The biggest obstacles when it comes to personal training and fitness is time and money. When asked why people don’t go to the gym, the answer is normally “I just don’t have time.”

    Morgan and his educated training staff of over 20, have heard this and have come up with a creative and possible life-changing solution.

    Morgan states, “The word spread about our fitness programs and we began to receive messages asking “When are you coming to our city?” So we asked ourselves…What if we could create an online program using the same tools we use in the gym to help people take charge of their health? And so, our online Fast Forward to Fit 90 day program was born.”

    After months of planning, weeks of filming the many workout videos,  F3 is ready to bring their community of fitness, accountability, friendship, laughs and fun to everyone by introducing a fitness and wellness program for all body types.

    Providing individuals with fitness videos, nutritional plans, education on intermittent fasting & how to make it work for you, and LIVE workouts so you are able to exercise with the F3 family from the comfort of your own home.

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    Morgan said, “We believe in giving people flexibility with their nutrition. We have had huge success with Intermittent Fasting, which simply means eating nutrient dense food in any eight-hour window of time you choose. No juice cleanses, no eliminating food groups and no calorie counting.”

    It sounds simple because it is simple. Once you understand, commit and fall in love with the process, Morgan says, “the results will come”. Focusing on you for the next 90 days, allows you to move better, feel better, sleep better and be better.

    Morgan states this program will begin January 14, will last for 90 days and requires minimal equipment.

    A participation fee is required and will allow all participants the luxury of gym instruction, nutritional information, accountability,  individual goal setting without stepping into the gym on a daily basis.

    The program takes you on a journey of healthy lifestyle beginning a with a prep week followed by 3 phases that are 1 month long each.

    Participants will receive an email every Sunday with a link to workout videos, nutrition tips, or just updates from F3 on how to improve your overall health.

    Phase 1 begins simply by introduction to basics in nutrition and exercise with each phase growing in intensity. As time goes trainers will ask more from the participants to push themselves and allow them to better obtain their goals.

    Find F3 on Facebook or Instagram to learn more about the new program that those in England or even us here in Randolph County can participate without leaving our own homes.