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Thorne’s Science Team Featured at the Medical Fitness Tour at the University of California, Irvine – Business Wire

NEW YORK–()–Two of Thorne’s team of highly respected scientific pioneers will be among the featured speakers on February 8-10, at the Medical Fitness Tour conference at the University of California, Irvine. This event provides a forum for fitness and allied health professionals to meet and connect with industry leaders and like-minded professionals.

The boutique-style event is limited to 120 attendees, allowing every attendee to gain powerful and practical education and insights from experts in the medical fitness space.

Dr. Alan Miller, Executive Director of Medical Education for Thorne, will speak on February 10, about how the gut microbiome affects health, reviewing the scientific literature on the topic, and explaining the microbiome’s connections to immune balance, cardiometabolic health, and mood.

Thorne’s Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs, Dr. Jacqueline Jacques, will participate in a panel discussion on February 10, about women’s health issues with other experts. The panel will explore recent changes in the health and fitness industry, and identify how preventive measures can improve a woman’s longevity and quality of life.

Thorne continues to use science in its mission to become the world’s leader in health and wellness by helping consumers take control of their health. Last year, Thorne introduced five at-home health tests. The home tests measure an individual’s biomarkers to uncover health insights, which are converted into a personal plan for what to eat, how to exercise, and whether to add nutritional supplements to improve health outcomes.

About Thorne

Thorne is a health and technology company that is disrupting prevention and wellness. By combining dietary and lifestyle recommendations with nutritional supplement intervention, Thorne is at the forefront of personalized health, with a mission to help consumers take control of their health and live a healthy life. Thorne provides at-home biomarker tests to bring the doctor to the consumer’s home. By leveraging its sophisticated analytical software, Thorne helps consumers uncover health insights and confidently take action to optimize health outcomes. Based on individual test results, Thorne’s technology and team can deliver a personalized plan on what to eat, how to exercise, and which Thorne supplements to take. Thorne is the only supplement manufacturer to collaborate with Mayo Clinic on wellness research and content. Thorne is currently collaborating on a series of clinical trials with Mayo Clinic, using tools of molecular assessment and nutrient-based supportive care. These efforts span across a range of applications, such as sports concussion, cognition in aging, Parkinson’s disease, ketogenic nutrition, cancer supportive care, irritable bowel syndrome, athletic performance, and others. Thorne is a proud partner of several U.S. National Teams, including U.S. Soccer, USA Hockey, and USA Triathlon. Thorne is one of the fastest growing supplement companies and is rated the top practitioner-dispensed brand among 30-40 year-olds. For more information visit https://www.thorne.com.