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Thailand Removes Kratom From The List

Recently, Thailand has announced its plans to decriminalize cannabis and kratom for medical usage, and kratom will be removed from the narcotics list as well. And we’re thrilled about it!

It’s not often that we can come to post an update with such positive news, but this is definitely a huge win in the long process of showing that kratom powder can be a safe and beneficial substance.

Wondering what exactly is changing in Thailand and what it has to do with you? Keep reading to find out more as we attempt to answer all of your questions about this exciting change.

What’s Happening?

Unexpected as it might be to some, Thailand is going to be removing kratom from the narcotics list and even legalizing medical kratom.

The National Legislative Assembly in Thailand voted to legalize medical marijuana with a stunning 166 – 0 vote, and the laws surrounding the National Narcotics Control Committee will be changing as well.

The Narcotics Control Committee has been under some degree of scrutiny for several years now, and the people of Thailand have been urging the government to consider updating the group’s work and status quo.

And now, it’s finally happening.

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