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Hairline loss is a common problem that affects both men and women of any age. The good news is that with proper treatment and care, your hairline can be restored.

Hairdresser Tina shares tips on how to ensure you can grow your hairline back and prevent further hair loss.

What causes hairline loss?
Tina says there are many factors that can lead to a hairline loss. “Sometimes it’s caused by doing tight dreadlocks and cornrows hairstyles.  This is why when you do cornrows, we advise that you start with your own hair and add fibre as you plait along to avoid causing too much tension on the hairline. We also advise against doing very thin cornrows, because hair can easily come out when you undo the hairstyle,” says Tina.

“Another thing that can lead to hairline loss or damage hair is using a straightener immediately after shampooing the hair. Using too much heat on a regular basis causes damage, especially to ethnic hair. I advise that it’s best to sometimes wash hair and use a normal brush to style the hair and not use an iron or straightener,” says Tina.

Hairline loss remedies
Tina says it’s important to first do a hair consultation before taking any treatment.

“We (hairdressers) check what could be leading to the hair problems you are experiencing. Does your hair need treatment and what type of treatment does it need? Is it a hairline loss treatment, is it a hairline replacement treatment, is it damaged and breaking hair, is it a dry treatment because you are lacking moisture? A stylist is the one who will decide after doing the consultation,” says Tina.

After the consultation is done, Tina says “the best way to redeem your hairline is through professional treatment. We have special treatments and products we use to restore hairline loss. “

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However, for those who cannot afford professional treatment, she says “we don’t advise people who have lost their hairline or whose hair is thinning to plait. They should give the hair a break.”

“If you always plait your hair and it is always tied up, you are not giving it time to breathe. And tying it up all the time makes the hair lose its moisture,” warns Tina.

“You also need to be careful of what you tie your hair with when you go to sleep. We recommend using a satin doek or headwrap because satin material won’t take away your moisture, unlike a cotton material,” says Tina.

“Hair is just like your face, you have to take care of it all the time,” she concludes.

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