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YMCA Fitness series a twist on old events – Scottsbluff Star Herald

SCOTTSBLUFF — If you’re looking for a new series of challenges, the Scotts Bluff Family YMCA has a new event for you.

The YMCA and First State Bank have joined together for the 2019 Fitness Series. The three event series will include an indoor triathlon, a Bunny Hop and a Turkey Trot 5k.

‘We wanted to do something new and there has been some interest in the community for this,” Triniti Burgner, senior program director, said. “People can do individual events or the whole series.”

Burgner said when determining the events for the 2019 Fitness series, YMCA staff looked at the time of year to hold them. In winter, there’s not a lot of outdoor choices. Spring can be tricky due to frequent changes in weather conditions, but there aren’t a lot of events in western Nebraska in the spring.

“The idea behind the relay was something quick that you could get some friends together to exercise and have fun,” she said.

The indoor triathlon will be held on Feb. 16 at the YMCA. Participants will be grouped by gender and age. Four participants will compete in each event in each flight and will compete for 20 minutes in each event. There will be five minutes of transition time between events. Total distance will be calculated and ranked.

The triathlon has been held before, but there is a new take on it. The entire event will be indoor in the pool, on a treadmill and on a stationary bicycle. It is timed, but at your own pace.

“It’s about how far you go and how far you push yourself,” Burgner said.

The Bunny Hop will take place on April 20. The four-mile relay race will consist of two or four runners who will run along the pathway between the YMCA and the Trails West Camp. Each runner will run either one mile (four-person team) or two miles (two-person team). Teams can be all-male, all-female or co-ed.

The Turkey Trot will take off on Nov. 23. Participants will be grouped by gender and age. Runs will be timed, but walkers will be encouraged to participate as well.

“We’ve always partnered with First State Bank for the Jingle Jog,” Burgner said. “This year, we will do a turkey trot and will switch back and forth between the two.”

Winners will receive a certificate for a free frozen turkey.

“The idea is they run for their Thanksgiving dinner,” she said.

The family-friendly event will have silly hats and costumes similar to the Jingle Jog for those who enjoy dressing up before they run.

Burgner said other communities have fitness series, which have been well-received. She hopes this is the beginning as the YMCA works toward something that will grow.

“As a community, we are good about participating and wanting to see new events,” she said. “Maybe down the road, the whole series could be tied together instead of individual events.”

During the Jingle Jog, the YMCA partners with First State Bank and accepts toys for children in need as part of their Gift of Love program. Anyone who brings a new toy will receive $10 off the price of registration.

“People in need might not be in the front of people’s minds year round, but we still wanted to offer the option through that partnership,” Burgner said.

Cost for a single event are due one week prior to the event. Registration for a single event is $30 for adults, ages 17 and older and $20 for students, ages six to 16. Registration for the three-event series is $65 for adults, ages 17 and older and $45 for students ages six to 16.

Registrations can be completed by cash or check only at the YMCA, 22 S. Beltline Highway east, Scottsbluff or First State Bank, 2002 Broadway, Scottsbluff.