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From personal trainers to healthcare professionals, a balanced healthy diet and regular exercise comes widely recommended when it comes to weight loss. But, that’s not to say that there aren’t types of work outs which won’t help you to slim more than others. On hand to explain why some moves could be more beneficial than others is the co-founder and head trainer at the London-based gym Core Collective, Heloise Nangle. So, what has the personal trainer advised Express.co.uk readers do to burn calories effectively?

Sharing her top tips on how to start losing weight, she insisted that the first step is to “get moving”.

She said: “If you’re very new to any work out, just to find a friend and be accountable for each other.

“Get out the house and book into a class.

“I think that offers more guidance than just heading off to the gym by yourself. Get out there and get started.”

And, during their fitness regime, Heloise said slimmers should focus on their compound movements by using weights.

“Cardio serves its purpose, but weights is a very important element to losing weight,” she said.

Heloise went on to explain recommend striving for a full body work out, which works on your metabolic response, adding: “That then brings your body to start burning fat.”

According to the personal trainer, this means compound movements such as squats, dead lifts, mobile swings, the push press, and the strict press.

“Those basic movements promote the most effective response,” she said.

Heloise also suggested taking part in classes, such as a lift and row session, could see you burn more calories than other work out classes.

“It’s a full body conditioning work out so you’re incorporating your nine main muscle groups – from your quads, glutes, hamstrings to your back, core,” she explained.

“Because of that it’s a more anaerobic work out, so it’s incorporating more of your muscles than something like spin, and so therefore your calorie burn is significantly higher.

“Spin is still effective but something like rowing and using weights is going to be more effective as the calorie burn is higher – because you’re incorporating more of the muscle groups when you’re working out.

“You’re generating a full body metabolic response through your work out.”

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Core Collective has recently launched its Knightsbridge fitness studio, which is now open.