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Weight Loss: Five Easy Tips To Keep Liquid Calories At Bay – NDTV News

In a bid to lose quick kilos, most of us are aimlessly eliminating all those high-calorie foods that could be adding to our body weight. While it is a good move to cut down on sugar and foods rich with trans-fats, but if you are thinking that is all you need to do, then think again! The beverages that you consume through the day also add up to your calorie-count. Excess liquid calories can induce significant amount of weight gain. The calories that your body does not use for energy, goes and accumulates as fat. You can easily avoid them by making wise choices.

Here are five easy tips to keep extra liquid calories at bay and promote weight loss:

1. Start your day with warm water: Starting your day with a glass of lukewarm water with a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of lemon helps kick-start metabolism. It also helps cleanse your system of toxins that may further aid weight loss. 

2. Keep your water bottle handy: Now, that you have started your day on a hydrating note, make sure you do not lose track. Sometimes our brain cannot differentiate between the signals of hunger and thirst. You feel like eating a lot, when you are actually just thirsty. Moreover, sipping into water helps keep you full too. If you feel satiated, you are less likely to binge. So, keep your water bottle handy. 

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Drinking lots of water in a day can help in getting rid of kidney stones too

3. Try infused water: If the plain taste of water is getting too monotonous for you, then try infused water. Just dunk in your favourite veggies, fruits and herbs in a tumbler full of water and consume next day (Think: Oranges, cucumber, ajwain, jeera etc.). These low-cal beverages are also beneficial to rev up your metabolism naturally. 

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4. Avoid aerated beverages: Ditch aerated beverages, soda, iced tea and packaged fruit juices. They are often filled with added sugar that may induce weight gain. 

5. Limit your coffee/tea intake: Are you a chai or a coffee lover? Keep an eye on the number of cups you have daily. Both coffee and tea are packed with healthful properties, but too much of caffeine is associated with dehydration. If you feel dehydrated, you are more likely to drink anything that is there in your line of sight. Therefore, it is advised to be mindful. 

Keep these tips handy and avoid the unwanted liquid calories. 

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