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Local primary students learn about making good decisions about medicine – WVVA TV

Community Connections has partnered with Princeton Primary School to educate over 500 students about being safe around prescription medications.

It’s called Generation Rx.

It’s an interactive curriculum that can be personalized based on its audience. The students at Princeton Primary are learning about drug safety in a way that they can understand. A way that instructors hope they will remember throughout their lives.

“When these kids are old enough to be able to make decisions on their own, for them to hear this stuff now at an early age, I think that it will stick with them. After the lesson when we were doing the activity, playing the games, kind of a test of their knowledge and what they’ve learned, they were answering right. They were giving really good answers and thoughtful answers, so I think if we keep reiterating that at the school level and just every now and then have lessons about medication safety, I think it’ll stick with them! I really think it will help them to make good decisions later on,” says school counselor and class instructor, Beth Pack.

Students learn several important lessons about medications including: some candy can look like pills, always check with an adult before eating unknown candy, never share medicine with friends, no matter how sick they may seem, always check with an adult before taking medicine, and much more.

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