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Battleground Fitness donates home/raises money to help cancer patients – KULR-TV

A local gym owner has found a way to give back and help cancer patients at Billings Clinic.

Battleground Fitness on Overland Ave. had a fundraising drive in October and they hold one every year. People pay to workout for a good cause.

One of the owners of the gym said they like to keep the fundraising local, in Billings or the state of Montana.

Trevor Kreig, one of the owners, explained that a nurse who goes to the gym said there was a need for housing for cancer patients at Billings Clinic. Kreig said that the gym raised around $7,000 to $8,000. But, he also said, that just wasn’t enough. That is when Kreig went above and beyond. “I have a house, a rental house next to one of my businesses, and I decided to just donate that to the cancer housing for cancer patients. And then, the gym is going to fundraise every year and we’re going to raise enough money to pay all of the ancillary costs associated with that. Cable, utlities, and cleaning maid services for when people come in and out.”

Amberly Pahut is the Senior Director for Philanthropy at Billings Clinic added, “It’s absolutely incredible. When families, or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, there are so many things that run through those people’s minds. And when you think about the complexities that come with traveling to Billings from the region, and then thinking about being away from your home and those areas of comfort for six weeks, if you’re here for stemcell treatment, that can be really challenging.”

Krieg explained to KULR-8 that the house is about 2,000 sq. ft. and that there can be two different patients along with their caregivers living there.

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